Here to help you understand the strength of FCR’s MBRC strategy, the power and flexibility of our funds to execute that strategy and the offer of low risk, high reward investment opportunities for savvy investors.

Energy is a commodity that is traded in free markets all over the world and those markets continue to expand as the demand for energy continues to outpace supply. Undeniably, energy markets are a capitalists dream with unprecedented demand and unparalleled profit potential. The geopolitical context of energy and the finite resources that produce most of it are fiercely contested. Billions of dollars are spent on the exploration and production of energy resources. Energy markets, both domestically and worldwide, are vibrant and mature and offer well proven market dynamics leveraging time tested trading platforms, proven risk management strategies and trading partners possessing significant access to key markets.

The logic of our sustainable business model utilizes tried and true market based commodities strategies that have been forged from the successes and failures of millions of transactions over the last hundred years. It provides the opportunity to sell a premium energy product into a market that has an insatiable demand for all kinds of market based energy with a massive pent up demand for renewable and alternative energy products – all of which represent high quality, liquid transactions. Key focus points of these strategies include:

- Trade premium energy commodities in established energy markets
- Take advantage of established trading relationships
- Use market level risk strategies that are well established
- Develop a balanced portfolio of energy products
- Sell the stability of mature energy markets
- Sell lower risk in mature transactional markets
- Develop the CCA model with transactional partners

Markets will require significant adjustments in the renewable energy model. Driving that change is significant demand for the products that renewable power plants produce. Our ability to supply that demand with market based transactional models will create market liquidity that will adjust the cost of solar power plant construction. Suppliers and manufacturers will work to join the market based trades, as that will become the only way to sustain their business. FCR will be the leading entity with this market position, ready to supply the demand with market priced renewable energy commodities.

In summary, our market-based philosophy is what makes FCR different by offering the only sustainable path forward. The market is already making corrections that are well positioned for the MBRC strategy. We are directly contracted with one of the largest energy trader on the planet. We have the ability to develop a diverse portfolio of energy projects and can transact a diverse portfolio of energy commodities. We are committed to market based energy transactions with multiple transactional relationships to build upon.

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