Full Circle Renewables is a leader of market based renewable strategies that truly sustain the energy industry, improve the environment and create jobs, revenue and energy security in the US.

Full Circle Renewables, LLC.(FCR), is registered with the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee as an Independent Power Producer.

With our Market Based Renewable Commodities (MBRC) strategies, FCR has the ability to supply the demand for renewable energy using market based transactional models that create much needed liquidity. We mechanize a commodities focus to provide high quality and reliable energy products to the energy market by optimizing and diversifying FCR's asset and product portfolio. This unique and innovative approach enables transactions and helps with the liquidity issues by leveraging our trading relationships, reliable production of energy products and established trading platforms.

Reliability of the products we produce is critical to our MBRC strategy. FCR views our projects as power plants that consistently and predictably produce the products that we sell.